Saturday, May 12, 2012

What I do for a living

It´s not the first time that I received an email asking if I could showcase some of my projects and I finally decided to do it. 
I work mostly with private housing and I´m quite lucky because that´s what I enjoy doing. 
A home is often a reflection of who we are. Being able to create something that will capture that is what I look forward to, everyday. Having a client tell me when the work is done that I made his/her dream come true is what motivates me to keep working. 
It´s just fantastic to create something that most people look forward to going back to. A place where they fell safe and are proud to show to their friends and family. 



  1. Now I love to visit this blog even more haha. Do you have also pictures of houses that already have been built and that you created? If so, can you also post these pictures if its also allowed of course?

    but Amazing work. I sometimes regret not studying architecture when I had the chance to.

    1. Thank you, my friend.
      Most of them are still under construction but once they have been built, I´ll start posting some pictures. Depending on the clients, of course. They could be against it and then I´m doomed haha.
      You´re still on time. You can always go back to college.
      Have a great day.