Friday, May 11, 2012

Today´s Look

First of all, I want to apologie to MR. I should be wearing boat shoes today but I´m not. You see, I´m taking a friend out to dinner today and she really doesn´t like boat shoes. I´ll use them some other time. By the way, you can see me rocking them Here
Today´s look is just another attempt at casual chic. Hopefully, I got it right. If not, I'm probably getting yelled at in a few hours...

Zara Blazer (tailored)
Zara T-shirt
Paul Smith pants
Cerbero Monk Strap Leather Shoes
Ray-Ban Aviators
Dsquared Chain
Tag Heuer Gold Carrera
Vintage Silver Bracelet


  1. i get the feeling you are all about name brands. Id like to see you in some other things. obviously all of these items are amazing by themselves, and you pair them up nicely but to me it doesn't say much about your fashion sense. you just buy nice clothes and put them on. which are great don't get me wrong but maybe some more originality? i see a lot of vintage jewelry, maybe some vintage tops or pants? idk you just seem very commercial.. but if thats what your style and preference is then thats fine theres nothing wrong with that. you pull it off well. I'm just wondering if you only limit yourself to the brand name clothes. if given $100 at lets say Wal-Mart or Target, could you look just as good? sure fashionable people shop at brand name stores but shopping at brand name stores doesn't make you fashionable. *not saying your not fashionable. theres no hate at all intended in this message!!

    1. Don´t worry about it. I got what you´re trying to say. Well, in my city there´s really not a single vintage store and I don´t think that Target exists in Portugal, but I could try a look with Zara and H&M. Is that ok? I will let you decide if I can pull it off or not.
      Take care

    2. oh great, the last thing i want to do is hate on you. i look up to you, you dress like you came right off the runway! you scream classy gentleman I'm just broke lol, and wanna see how you'd pair up other things.

    3. Thank you and don´t worry about it. Let´s see what I can do, then.

  2. It's me again, but no problem man! You don't have to rush into things. But for now, just a good look again. Btw I think anon got a really good point! Im looking forward to see you in more affordable clothes. I hope you have a good time with your friend!

    1. Thank you, MR. Hopefully, I´ll not you guys down haha.
      Take care.

    2. But only if you have more affordable clothes already in your closet. You don't have to buy anything new just to show us how to pull it off. You better spend your money on clothes you really like. But I'm pretty sure you closet is not full of designer clothes, but maybe I'm wrong haha.

      I hope you liked the challenges. For next week, I got a new challenge for you (there is no hurry so do it whenever you want to). What would you wear on a first date to the beach! On a Nice summer evening, diner on the boulevard but afterwards a romantic walk in the sand and just sit there and watch the sunset together. So it must be comfortable? and I guess you wouldn't wear your most expensive clothes.

      Have a nice day!

      (maybe its full of spelling mistakes but you get my point)

    3. Well, I won´t lie. Most of my clothes are from designer brands but I have some articles from Zara and H&M, so I won´t have to buy anything haha.
      MR, you give the best challenges, my friend.
      Thank you and have a nice day too.
      Take care

  3. Looking amazing!I bet heads were turning;)