Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How To | Shirts Tied Around the Waist

Being a kid from the 80´s, I still remember some of the 90´s fashion and the coolest one was definitely the button-down shirt tied around the waist.
Purpose? Style points. And that´s it. None other, really. 

Some pointers on how to do it:
1. Tie it low around your hips.
2. An oversized shirt looks better.
3. Plaid is cool, but feel free to use other fabrics.

Oh, I think you noted that´s it´s (again) an unisex trend.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Introducing: Bluemint

"At BlueMint we believe that swimwear should be able to take you from beach to bar, to follow the good times wherever they may take you. Shorts should be tailored enough to be worn at lunch and be made from material of such quality that they’re elegant enough for the most lavish of pool parties. They should fit into any occasion and be as enduring as a good friendship or a classic summer song." 

Are you one of those dudes that still wears board-shorts to the beach? Let´s face it. We are not 15 year old kids anymore. It´s time to update our swimwear and not embarrass the ones next to us. 

Bluemint is elegant yet young, durable yet affordable, comfortable but modern. Made in italian fabrics with patterns; drawstrings with custom-shaped metal cord ends, these swim shorts are made to be used all day.

Quoting the Bluemint creators: "We love going to the beach. We love eating at amazing beach restaurants, and being in our swim shorts from morning until early evening. We love music, listening to DJs, creating summer playlists. We like being with people and being social. We wanted to create a brand that is both relaxed and yet still feels like dressing up." 
Can you relate?

I sure can and I know that I´ll be using my camo shorts [Arthur] a lot this Summer. A special thanks to my friend Tules Yegin and to the other guys behind Bluemint. 

Make a wise choice and check them out on their links:
- SITE: http://www.bluemint.com/
- FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/bluemintbeachwear
- INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/bluemintbeachwear
- PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/bluemintbeach/