Monday, April 30, 2012

Cheap & Cheerful | Today´s Look

Diesel Leather Jacket
Revolution Plaid Flannel Shirt
Zara U-Neck Shirt
Dsquared Jeans
Swear London Shoes
Ray-Ban Wayfarer
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

Friday, April 27, 2012


I promised and here it is. I´m sorry for the delay but I´ve been quite busy. I selected some musics that should be perfect for a dinner date. They are also great to hear on a daily basis. At least, I think so. I might be a little biased, thought.

Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom - Coco
Beady Belle - Closer
Beady Belle featuring Jamie Cullum - Intermission Music
Common featuring Mary J. Blige - Come Close (Boozoo Bajou remix)
Jamie Cullum - I Think I Love
Jamie Cullum - Don't Stop The Music
Jamie Cullum - Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down
Frank Sinatra - I Concentrate On You
Llava - I Loose Control
Ryan Adams - Wonderwall
Robert Manos - E. K
Robert Manos - Silver
Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana - The Keeper
Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow (Mousse T. Remix)
Flevans - Endless Things
Matthew Herbert - Leave Me Now
Micatone - A Part Of Me
Mishka Adams - Summertime
Nekta - Sommelier
Peter Malick - New York City (Lazy Sunday Remix)
Smooth - Smooth (Radio Edit)
Stereoton - Kick Me Off
Hellen Merrill - Baby Ain't I Good To You
Trinah - Lovin
Nightmares on Wax - I Am You
Norah Jones - Turn Me On
Fink - Pretty Little Thing
Oneself - Be your own
Oneself - Bluebird
Soul G & Tony Match Ft. Anne Charlotte - Close in on
Taxi - A certain Something
The Dining Rooms - Mais (NU Folk mix)
Opensouls - In Your Hands
Kings Of Convenience - Misread
Michael Buble - I´ve Got A Crush On You
Sandra Nkake - Happy
Floris - One More Day
Jojo Effect - Mambo Tonight
Olivia - Fade Away
Afronaught - Jus Another Day
Black Spade & Adi Dick - Love Show
Faith No More - Easy
General D - Black Magic Woman
Hooverphonic - No more sweet music
Ohm G & Bruno - One
Peter Cincotti - Sway
Taxi - A Certain Something
Zero 7 - Destiny
Zero 7 - Distractions
Zero 7 - In The Waiting Line
Amy Winehouse - Garota De Ipanema
Gal Costa - Bonita
Angus & Julia Stone - Paper Aeroplane
Coldfinger - Beauty Of You
Beanfield Feat. Ernesto - Kiss
Orsten - Fleur Blanche
Telepopmusik - Breathe
Koop - Koop Island Blues
Loopless - Raining Down

Hopefully, these will be enough for the first date. [If not, put on repeat.] 

Keeping it Casual | Today´s Look

Custom Made Blazer
Zara Cardigan
Ralph Lauren Shirt
Jack & Jones Henley
Dsquared Pants
Timberland Boat Shoes
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch
Police Vintage Sunglasses
Zara Silk Hankie

Note: Don´t mind Brutus. He loves to be photographed.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today´s Look

Burberry Prorsum Coat
Ralph Lauren Knitwear
Gant Shirt
Minimum Slim Chinos
Scalpers Black Label Slippers
Matthew Williamson for H&M scarf
Dsquared Chain
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch
Ray-Ban Aviators
Miniature Pinscher named Brutus

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Print by Simone Marchetti.

Do you know Simone Marchetti? He´s the deputy editor in chief of and one of the most fashionable guys of the industry. 
He alone can show the coolest trend of this spring: Print. 

One thing that you should be aware. Don´t mix prints! It can work out but it probably won´t. 
Stay safe and wear it like Signore Marchetti.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today´s Look

Vintage Tailored Blazer
Fred Perry Laurel Cardigan
Zara Shirt (Tailored)
Dsquared White Jeans
Prada Shoes
Zara Silk Hankie
Police Vintage Sunglasses
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

Sometimes, it´s your best acessory.

A word of advice, though. Make sure that you got them covered for work. You never know how your boss is going to react.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Feelin´ like George Craig | Today´s Look

Levi´s Trucker Denim Jacket
Zara Cardigan
Prada V-Neck Knitwear
Zara V-Neck T-shirt
Cheap Monday Skinny Pants
Swear London Suede Boots
Persol Sunglasses
Dsquared Chain

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yesterday´s Dinner Look

Asos Blazer (tailored)
Neil Barrett Shirt
Minimum Slim Chinos
Folk Leather/Suede Shoes
Dsquared Chain
Zegna Silk Hankie
Zegna Silk Scarf

Friday, April 20, 2012

1/3 Brando, 1/3 Dean & 1/3 McQueen | Today´s Look.

Vintage ´Army` Bomber
Zara Cardigan
Zara Chambray Shirt
Levi´s Jeans (Tailored)
Swear London Suede Shoes
Persol Sunglasses
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Today´s Look.

Velvet mood.

Zara Velvet shawl-collar blazer
Fred Perry Cardigan
Timberland Shirt (Tailored)
Dsquared Jeans
Dsquared Chain
Swear London Shoes
Matthew Williamson for H&M écharpe
Police Vintage Sunglasses
Zegna Silk Hankie
Gucci Watch

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Perfect Date. Hopefully.

You want to make something special for her and you don´t know what? My advice is to make it a dinner date at your house.  There’s nothing more romantic than that. 
Without the distractions of a restaurant, all of the focus can be on you and her and the conversation will be more comfortable and honest. 
I seached online (yes, I know how to use google) and it seems that women love dudes who can cook. 

Things that you should take note
1 - A dinner date is not a good first date! NEVER! You will look like a creep, man! And she could be a serial killer. That would suck.
2 - Don´t make anything extravagant or messy. Your attention should go to her and not the food. Make sure that you know what she likes to eat. It´s an obvious thing that most guys fail at. If she´s a vegan and you serve meat, you´re a douche.
3 - What did she choose to drink at your early date, at the restaurant? Get her that. Oh, and if she brings something to drink, you´re drinking that! You don´t like it? Tough luck.
4 - You messed up the dinner? Calm down, laugh at yourself and order something. Let her choose and say that you´re sorry. It happens. 
5 - Be a gentleman. You´re at your house but everything that you do at a restaurant you should do at home. Pull her chair. Serve her first. Simple gestures that will show her that you´re well mannered.
6 - Don´t get drunk! 
7 - Dessert? Buy something. You should know by now what she likes. And yes, it´s what SHE likes.

Other things that you should know
1 - Your house should be clean! She´s going to use, at least, your bathroom.
2 - One candle should be a nice touch (3 max and displayed together). My advice: Ex Voto - Lounge Black Amber. 
3 - You need music. It should be playing quitely on the background so you can chat without raising your voice. That´s just rude. That way when you have finished your dinner, you can always ask her to dance. Genres should be jazz, lo-fi, lounge and bossa nova. That´s it! (I´ll make a playlist one of these days)
4 - The dishes are to be taken care of in the next day. By you!

Be confortable. A nice pair of jeans, a white shirt and a black skinny tie should be enough.  Wear nice shoes and make sure that you have your tie clipped.

Something that Adele told me about (not really, but I read it online)
"No date is going to be completely perfect. Know what she likes. Make the day/evening/hour whatever time you have all about her. If she doesn't have to think or worry about a thing and can just relax and have a nice time, then she'll love it. Remember the little things; there is no need to be extravagant." 

1 - Don´t talk only about yourself. You´ll seem like a douche. 
2 - If you don´t know something that she´s talking about, just say so. Don´t be a know it all. That´s just stupid. 
3 - Be humble. Don´t show-off. Did you like when your friend talked about how much money he gained this month, the vacations is going to make or the car that he´s getting? Are you getting my point?
4 - Be careful with your ego. Confidence is good. Arrogance not so much.

Note: Do you really need a playlist??

Must Have

Because you can rock it with anything really. You just throw a pair of jeans, a white shirt and some leather loafers and off you go. You can also be wearing your favourite suit with a pair of dress shoes and this jacket won´t make a dent on the attire.

Note: You can wear it all year. It´s probably going to be the best buy you ever did. Just ask Miss Palermo, if you don´t believe me.