Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today´s Look | Night Out

Well, yesterday´s look really, but who cares. Just something simple for a night out with some friends. 
Asos Blazer
Zara T-shirt
Dsquared Jeans
Swear London Shoes
Zara Studded Belt
Gucci Watch


  1. Lmao, Dsquared are such perverts, who puts a label on the fly on your jeans??!!?? gah but they are rather nice, I like the detailing. It seems you're wearing more casual things as of late but still classy, which is a good balance ;) How is that working for you? Do you feel more comfortable in casual clothes or less so? Hope you had fun on your night out ^_^ Ciao ;)

    1. They are, right? haha.
      Sometimes, I just like to be more casual. It´s more fun to shake things up a little and don´t show the same kind of look, don´t you think?
      Thank you. It was a great night.
      Hope that you´re having a great day, Alexa.

  2. cute!!!