Monday, February 23, 2015

Best Dressed Gentlemen @ Oscars 2015

Finally, a great tuxedo season. This cerimony was pure perfection for some but unfortunately others still don´t know how to tailor their pants (the most common error) or even choose their bowtie (you hear me, Cumberbatch? That thing was so tiny that I almost didn´t see it. Go bigger, man. Size does matter!) 
Mr. Harris was flawless. Every single tuxedo (he used 5) was tailored to well... perfection (the word of the day).
My favorite was the winner of the night, Mr. Eddie Redmayne (All Hail the europeans!), but there were a few gentleman that also looked immaculate (google is helping me with the synonyms). Without further delay or small talk, here are my choosen ones. 

Neil Patrick Harris in Brunello Cucinelli and David Burtka in Calvin Klein Collection. 
Matt McGorry wearing Brooks Brothers.
Chris Evans wearing Gucci.
Chris Pine is wearing a dress set by Fred Leighton and a David Yurman pinky ring.
Common is wearing Prada and John Legend is wearing Gucci.
Common and John Legend, again, wearing, hmmmm... suits.
Jared leto was daring and the whitest, I mean the brightest, in Givenchy.
Jeff Goldblum in Dolce & Gabbana (forget the dude on the right with the shiny jacket and bad tailored dress pants).
John again, because his wife.
Josh Hutcherson in Ermenegildo Zegna (he almost didn´t made the list. Next time make sure that your pants fit better!)
Michael Keaton in a Ralph Lauren tuxedo. (Unbutton the last button!)
Milles Teller wearing Prada.
Neil showing us how to DB.
Neil showing us how a black tuxedo (this one is Dunhill) should fit.
Ryan Seacrest wearing a fantastic black tuxedo that some (very) expensive brand gave him for free.
Tim McGraw in Lanvin (I´m still shocked by how great he looked.)
The best dressed couple: Adam Levine with the gorgeous Behati. Both in Armani.
Ansel Elgort in Prada. (your pants should be shorter, kid. Look below!)
Eddie Redmayne in Alexander McQueen. (All Hail!)
Justin Theroux in Dolce & Gabbana.
Romain Dauriac. (he should be like Kanye and start picking Scarlett Johansson outfits. Just sayin´...)
Ugh! Gimme that tuxedo!
And we can't forget the ladies. My favorite: Emma Stone in Elie Saab.
Maybe I have 2 favorite ladies... Here´s Rosamund Pike in Givenchy (bow down. And stay down!)
Dakota Johnson in a one-shoulder Saint Laurent gown and Forevermark diamonds..