Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let´s talk about hair (again)

Do you know what usually can kill an entire attire? Your hair. No, really. I often see dudes, that even well dressed look, well... not so good
This year on the runways and on the streets, the male models and the cool kids on the block (meaning fashion bloggers) sported short hair. Their naturally looking hairstyles included a side parting, and more often than not, the hair was pulled into the face in side-swept fringes, with the tousled versions clearly in style. 
The Quiff, highly popular in past seasons, remained, and the classic clean cut made it´s debut. 
So now that you now what´s cool, just visit your hairstylist and ask them for your favorite, being the trends: The Quiff; The Fringe; The Side Parting; The Clean Cut; Curly.

The Quiff

The Fringe (short, medium and long)

The Side Parting

The Clean Cut


P.S. You might have noticed that some haircuts, could have been in other category. I did too. That´s all.


  1. I like all of these actually, on the right boy they look great x

  2. My favorites are the curly (especially the first three pictures of that section) and the fringe but others are great as well :)

  3. Solid advice and great photos!

  4. Me encanta el tupé en casi todas sus versiones.Un post genial, miles de besotes http://yoymistacones.com/