Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reviewing GQ in "The Most Popular Shoe in Milan and Paris Wasn't Even on the Runways"

"The European runways were loaded with cool new footwear, from basic black oxfords to high-end Teva-style sandals, but if you want to know which style truly ruled supreme in Milan and Paris, look no further than Nike's Flyknits. Whether it was fashion directors or the men behind those street style lenses, just about every guy (and plenty of gals) laced up a pair of the lightweight runners. It makes sense for folks running (sometimes literally) between shows across town and the shoe's streamlined silhouette works equally with tailored and sportier rigs."


So yeah, yadá yadá yadá, everyone loves the Nike´s. First, it was the Free Run and now it´s the Fly´s. Comfy shoes are the new black and it´s trending this Winter, so guys and ladies, please, run or fly (jeez, I´m so funny) to the nearest Nike store and, I guess, you know what you have to do.


  1. Flyknits are the comfiest and best sneakers ever! I already got 4, and can't get enough... truly an amazing innovation by Nike. :)

  2. I love good comfy shoes and sneakers are one of them