Sunday, October 27, 2013

Interview - Anderson de Oliveira

YCCMH - Hello my friend. Let´start with a quick introduction, shall we? Please, introduce yourself.
A. d. O. - My name is Anderson de Oliveira. I´m from Salvador - Brazil, I´m 32 years old and I love Fashion :-)

YCCMH - Where are you located and what do you do? 
A. d. O. - I live in Düsseldorf (Germany) and I work as a salesman for a luxury store (Philipp Plein). I am also responsible for the decoration of the Store and the window - Visual Merchandising. 
Seeing as I also aid the staff visual, I get the chance to go to Milan Fashion Week, to support on backstage.
Michel Fernandes Bastos, Brazilian footballer, shopping at PHILIPP PLEIN in Dusseldorf
Milan Fashion Week backstage
Philipp Plein backstage with Alexandre Cunha

Philipp Plein fashion show - Milan Fashion Week backstage
Philipp Plein fashion show - Milan Fashion Week backstage

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where’d you get your start and what inspired you?
A. d. O. - To be honest I think it started as a child. I always liked watching fashion shows on TV and see fashion magazines, like Vogue, Elle, etc.. 
And I can´t forget the cinema. both of them, past and current movies, inspired me a lot.
But my inspiration I took from Brazilian folklore, my culture, traditional festivals, etc. All I see: colors, fabrics, people on the streets... Everything inspires me...

Y.C.C.M.H. - We´re talking fashion here, so describe your style.
A. d. O. - My style is free. Depends a lot on how I wake up. Depends on my mood (laughs)
I love colors, flowers... If I'm humorous, I wear a floral shirt or some animals, striped socks, with shoes, pants and a bag of one color. But I also like to use simply black and white, Chanel style. That doesn´t mean I'm sad, just in a quieter day.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Who or what inspired your sense of style growing up?
A. d. O. - Different cultures, people, countries. The thing that I most love to do in life is travel. Travel for me, It´s the best way to inspire me.
Anderson O. in Barcelona
Anderson O. in Turkey

Y.C.C.M.H. - For advertising, what would you choose: Digital or film?
A. d. O. - Both. We have many good things we can learn from digital and with film.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite article of clothing or accessory from Philipp Plein.
A. d. O. - I love the leather jackets.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What’s the most inspiring you´ve seen lately?
A. d. O. - I like a lot of Italian brands. The latest collection of Prada is wonderful.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What´s the brand that you identify yourself more with?
A. d. O. - Nowadays we have many brands. Many amazing brands. It´s not easy to name only one. Among all of them we find shirts, pants, jackets that are super interesting.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What is the most important accessory for a man?
A. d. O. - Belts and shoes. Men who don´t know how to choose the right ones, completely spoil the look. Be very careful when choosing.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What would be the playlist to your fashion show?
A. d. O. - This question is impossible to answer. I love music. I think I´ll put a lot of songs: pop, classic, jazz, black music, Brazilian music, African rhythms, Asiatic songs, Arabic music... a bit of everything. I think it will be hard to choose my favorite songs.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where’s your favorite place to escape and maybe, get inspired?
A. d. O. - My home. Alone. Sometimes, I need a break from everything.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What do You live for?
A. d. O. - For myself.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite cocktail? (just because)
A. d. O. - I love Caipirinha. Sometimes, I like to drink it not with cachaça from Brazil, but with Champagne - Cristal. The taste is sensational (smile).

Y.C.C.M.H. - Anything else that you feel like sharing?
A. d. O. - I would say that to have style and dressing well, we do not need to dress up. Let us just be ourselves. Of course, we have to keep a little of what´s happening in the fashion world. We need to read fashion magazines, websites, blogs, whatever.
And if you guys, need help choosing what to wear, you can write me on Facebook, I´ll help you with pleasure.

Disclaimer: All the pictures featuring Anderson, were taken from his personal facebook page.