Monday, October 28, 2013

Colab with Ark | Staying Cool while Keeping Warm this Winter

Keeping warm whilst being cool – seems to defy logic doesn’t it? Well this winter’s vogue is all about defying that logic as Men’s Knitwear makes a reappearance. 
I know what you are thinking – the mention of the Christmas season and knitwear sprouts images of questionable jumpers à la Jim Carrey’s character Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber. Let me prove you wrong, then. [Please, scroll down.] 

Ark Clothing has some prime examples of how not to look dumb with their huge selection of everything from chunky jumpers to light weight cotton cardigans. Just keep it cool and casual with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath and you´re all set (and while at it, make it longer than the knit). 

Franklin & Marshall Charcoal 142 Graduate-Style Knit

Original Penguin Navy Melange Knit

Or perhaps, if you are feeling confident enough, as the dark nights draw in, you could lighten things up with a bold, graphic pattern. Granted, wearing one of these garments creates a snowball effect for the generic “Did your mum knit you that?” jokes, however, the last laugh is all yours. 

Not only will you look the part, clad in your in-style knitwear, but you will also be dodging hypothermia as your joke-making friends freeze their butt off. Practical and pleasing on the eye – a good combination when knit together. 

Bellfield Mens Green Otus Jumper

Ark has an array of styles dedicated to Men’s Knitwear so you are bound to find one to suit you. Cardigans and jumpers, v-necks and round necks, patterned and plain... And you can´t forget the beanies. Have to keep the head warm. My advice? Invest in your style and your own personal insulation.

Carhartt Elias Bobble Beanie

Chaos Brothers Black & Grey Ski Bobble Hat


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