Friday, December 20, 2013

Interview - Mr. Jacques Shu

Y.C.C.M.H. - Hello Sir. Let´start with a quick introduction, shall we? Please, introduce yourself.
Jacques Shu - My name is Jacques Shu. I am french, born in Paris from chinese parents.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where are you located and what do you do? 
Jacques Shu - I am based in Paris and I work as a PR.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where´d you get your start and what inspired you?
Jacques Shu - My father is my role model. He had an incredible story. He escaped from China at 12 to Taiwan because of the political situation. He arrived in the 70´s, in Paris, with 5 dollars. He became a great professor at the university, thanks to his work.

Y.C.C.M.H. - We´re talking fashion here, so describe your style.
Jacques Shu - My style is very effortless. A mix of basic pieces with stronger pieces.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Who or what inspired your sense of style growing up?
Jacques Shu - I would say my godmother who was a beautiful woman, very chic, very parisienne and a great intellectual (she was the translator for many novels of Kawabata from japanese to french).
The city (Paris) is very inspiring also, architecture in the sense of structure (pictured below).

Y.C.C.M.H. - For advertising, what would you choose: Digital or film? 
Jacques Shu - Digital, more practical.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite article of clothing or accessory.
Jacques Shu - My midnight blue velvet suit from De Fursac; My Rolex which was a gift from me to me - Christmas gift (pictured below); and my kimono shirt by Gucci from Tom Ford´s last collection.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What´s the most inspiring you´ve seen lately?
Jacques Shu - Landscapes of the coast Vicentina in Portugal (pictured below) and the Atlantic side.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What is the most important accessory for a man?
Jacques Shu - A nice watch, self-confidence and a good sense of humor.

Y.C.C.M.H. - If you had the opportunity to run a fashion show, what would be your chosen playlist? 
Jacques Shu - Disco with mega bass boost.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where´s your favorite place to escape and maybe, get inspired?
Jacques Shu - I am often off to Lisbon (pictured below). I love Portugal. It´s one of my favorite places in the world. And I try to go to Thailand once a year. It is my favorite country in the world.

Y.C.C.M.H. - What do You live for?
Jacques Shu - LOVE!

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite cocktail? (just because)
Jacques Shu - Virgin Mary (I don´t drink alcohol).

Y.C.C.M.H. - Anything else that you feel like sharing? 
Jacques Shu - My moto: Il vaut mieux l´échec d´un instant plutôt que le regret d´une vie! 
[Better to have the failure of one moment rather than the regret of a lifetime!]


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