Saturday, November 9, 2013

Interview: Lucas Hrncar | Dressed to Kill

Y.C.C.M.H. - Hello my friend. Let´start with a quick introduction, shall we? Please, introduce yourself. 
Lucas H. - My name is Lucas Hrncar, I´m a 22 year old European guy and fashionholic is my second name. 

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where are you located and what do you do? 
Lucas H. - I am based in Bratislava (Slovakia). My job is a piece of my mind. I specialize in menswear (Givenchy), latest luxury designer news, trends, updates, emphasizing on lookbooks.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where’d you get your start and what inspired you?

Lucas H. - Everything started a few years ago when I was working as a fashion stylist for a slovakian photographer. After that, I have made a few designs of tees, jackets and shoes and I work as fashion stylist/designer for Givenchy. 

LHF Stars and covering face t-shirt 

LHF Black leather demon t-shirt

I think people can see more of your personality, when you dress something simple and stylish. I guess, simplicity is the future of fashion. Style - white, gray, black, maybe red / have the feel of striking design, partly spirituality, partly religious, partly decadence, partly symmetrical, partly classical European glamour. There is a playful elegance to what I create. People want to look stylish and unique at the same time in their everyday life.

Y.C.C.M.H. - We´re talking fashion here, so describe your style.

Lucas H. - My style is very diverse. I prefer Madonna motifs, camo, drop crotch pants and sneakers. In addition to religious themed prints, there´s also a variety of darkly toned outfits with leather elements, clearly among today's biggest fashion trends, which are offered by several luxury brands such as En Noir or Givenchy. 
But I also like a more elegant style. It is all about monochrome. Letting the color of the individual shine through. Most of all, it is about creating elegant clothing that reflects the inner beauty of the wearer.

Y.C.C.M.H. - Who or what inspired your sense of style growing up?

Lucas H. - Current fashion vs. cultures, life and people. 

Y.C.C.M.H. - For advertising, what would you choose: Digital or film? 

Lucas H. - Both. Everything is great in their own way. 

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite article of clothing and/or accessory.
Lucas H. - Luís Morais bracelets (first 5 images) and Anil Arjandas Jewels (last 4 images)

Y.C.C.M.H. - What’s the most inspiring you’ve seen lately?

Lucas H. - I like HBA and Pyrex even thought the latest collection of Balmain is really rare (last 6 images). 

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite designer? And while we´re at it, what´s the brand that you identify yourself more with? 

Lucas H. - Victoria Beckham, Riccardo Tisci (pictured below) and Olivier Rousteing. Actually, there are too many extraordinary brands. It´s hard to name only one. 

Y.C.C.M.H. - What is the most important accessory for a man?

Lucas H. - Exclusive watches (Hublot, Rolex and Audermars Piguet pictured), sunglasses and beautiful women. (smile) 

Y.C.C.M.H. - If you had the opportunity to run a fashion show, what would be your chosen playlist? 

Lucas H. - I will put a lot of R&B songs, some black music. However, it would be hard to choose my favorite songs... 

Y.C.C.M.H. - Where’s your favorite place to escape and maybe, get inspired?
Lucas H. - My house, with a glass of wine, alone by the fireplace. 

Y.C.C.M.H. - What do you live for?
Lucas H. - For myself. I just love myself in the way that I am, with all of my flaws, weaknesses and values. 

Y.C.C.M.H. - Favorite cocktail? (just because) 

Y.C.C.M.H. - Anything else that you feel like sharing? 

Lucas H. - Be creative in your way (pictured below LHF´s logo - Lucas brand´s). You do not need to suit up. Simplicity is the future! If someone need help, I am here for you on my facebook.

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  1. "Simplicity is the future of fashion"- Brilliant quote! Great interview.