Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gifts for Him | Editor´s Pick

"Hey C., it´s my boyfriend´s birthday and I need your help. I don´t know what to get him and I´m desperate."

"C. I need your help. It´s my dumbass brother´s birthday and I don´t know what to offer him. Please help!"

Questions like those are usually in my email or my tumblr´s message box, so for once and for all, I decided to go all GQ on you and make a post about it.
Buying stuff for your special guy, for your "dumbass" brother or even your father (also include all the other male relatives and friends that you can think off), is not rocket science, but well, I can get it. Sometimes, they just seem to have everything, which leaves you wondering what to get him for his birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah or Children´s day, right
Does the man in your life have a selection of power tools that are collecting dust instead of creating it? 
My selection includes some of the best gifts your dude needs, so let´s just not risk another disappointing gift by perusing the selection we have here, shall we? 


At one time, every well-dressed man needed a good set of cufflinks to complete his outfit. When buttons took over, they seemed to dwindle away for all but the most prolific of wearers. Well, they are back in style now and even better than they were. Cufflinks now come in a dizzying selection from plain to dazzling. Pick out a simple striped cufflink or go all out with a set of Indy race cars. No matter what taste or style your man has, there is sure to be something in the line of cufflinks that will please him. 
[You can also get it custom: http://www.cuffwear.com/en/]

Leather Gloves

No man will resist wearing a sleek, warm pair of finely crafted leather gloves. They keep the hands warm in the winter while brushing the snow off the car, and they allow a good, firm grip on the wheel while driving. Purchase good quality, leather gloves for lasting enjoyment.
[Just show him the pictures below. Trust me]


Not all that fashionable but still a great gift for a guy is an electronic cigarette. They are the latest device to aid a person in quitting smoking. They contain an e-liquid inside a device that looks like a real cigarette. When inhaled, the liquid is heated and converts into a type of “smoke” that a smoker inhales. There are no toxic chemicals in these; only natural ingredients that help the smoker kick the habit. buy electronic cigarettes.
[I´m actually getting this one as a Christmas gift for my father. Find it here: http://www.180smoke.com/]

Designer Scarf

So, he actually can dress himself in a stylish manner with coordinating colors and matching shoes. But can he accessorize? Help him out!
If you know what coat he wears regularly, purchase a stylish, designer scarf to go with that winter coat, or just go with a simple one tone that he can match with everything.


Men like to smell great too ok? They´re into the latest designer fragrances that are on the market now, as much as you do, so just find him something fresh and tasteful, and he´ll love it. If it´s for your "dumbass" brother, try to find it on sale or something. 

Single-Malt Scotch

If you enjoy whiskey, you will know how enjoyable fine, single-malt scotch tastes. The sky is virtually the limit with prices but there are some really good and affordable whiskeys that you can indulge yourself with. Share a drink with your loved one or friends; they are sure to enjoy a nice social gathering while discussing the latest fashion trends or sports teams. Don't forget a set of crystal rock glasses to go with the scotch.

Designer Bags

Make sure that he actually uses one, tho´. Then just go for something simple, that he can use and easily match with different attires. Make sure that the bag suits his needs.
You have articles that go from affordable brands like Zara or Fred Perry, to the ones that will leave you a lot lighter (talking about bank account), like Louis Vuitton, Prorsum or my personal favourite, Bottega Veneta.

Designer Sunglasses

Everyone needs a pair, so just go for the classics. My advice is Ray-Ban (clubsmaster, aviators or wayfarer) or Persol.
Make sure that you take a picture of him, so the sales clerk will help you choosing the best option for his anatomy. 
I actually already have a post with my personal favorites, so don´t be lazy and find it. Just sayin´...


  1. Awesome suggestions. Actually I've gotten a lot of these for my husband and he's loved them every time!

  2. Such great ideas, I never would have thought of cufflinks! I'm always dumbfounded by what to get my boyfriend but your post was even more helpful then my girlfriends!