Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spo(r)tting the trend

Well, it seems that running shoes are back.
The runways were filled with sneakers paired with suits for the next spring and all the cool bloggers, such as Tommy Ton or Jak and Jil, have been spotting the trend.
The trick? Buy a pair of New Balance or Nike vintage and wear them with rolled up pants. 

Valentino - Spring 2013 (The Sartorialist)
Ferragamo - Spring 2013
Ferragamo - Spring 2013
Valentino - Spring 2013
The trend is unisex, by the way.

And you can even try the neon look. Just be careful how you pair it up. Wearing some bright nikes with black seems like a good combo.


  1. This is one trend I seriously dislike (especially on women ... men can get away with sneakers more easily and I can't fathom why) and more so when the sneakers have bright colours. I also can't stand that around our city, all the youngsters are mall-trawling in training gear ... its to wear at the gym, or on the sports field .. not to go shopping. My two cents worth ;-)

    1. Comfy shoes that look nice = happy happy feet. So yea, after a day walking around town i'd rather have soles that feel great rather than feel like my feet are killing me :)

  2. This is great new for me - I love brightly coloured trainers. You mean it's not all 6-inch heels? Hurrah!


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  4. I liked your blog.
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    Beautiful pics !!

  5. Even though I'm not a fan of sneakers, I like bright or neon colored ones.

  6. very cool! Im really craving so cool wedge sneakers for this fall :)

  7. Such a great style for guys!! Love all the photo's :)
    Followed your blog on GFC

  8. I love the girl in the black mini, yellow shirt with matching trainers combo, such a cute look! I fear if I tried anything similar it would look as though I'd come out of the office, swapped my heels for trainers just to run for the bus...maybe that's what I should tell people in an 'effortlessly cool' kinda way...