Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trends Summer 2012 | Camo Print

Summer 2012 brings the coolest trend and probably the most difficult to pull off, `Camo print´. Nickelson Wooster is the cool of the coolest and made me fall in love with the military apparel. Like Signore Marchetti with the print, Mister Wooster can show this trend all by himself. 

How to wear it without looking like a moron

Not feeling very brave? Just get something like this and you´re still trending.

Note: Backpacks are also a tendency this summer. 

Project Wooster

In collaboration with some brands, such as Leffot, Nepenthes, Maharishi, Orlebar Brown, Dr Romanelli, Want Les Essentials de la Vie, Globe Trotter, Hamilton 1883 and The White Briefs, Mr. Wooster brings us some cool camo. Here´s some examples but you should check all of it (use google for something productive).

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