Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suit Up in a different way

I´m always trying to get my male friends to buy more suits. That way, when we go out they could stop embarrassing me seeing as they dress like teenagers. Their excuse is that the good ones are far too expensive to be used only once or twice. 
To prove them wrong, I decided to show rather then tell how to use a suit, or parts of, rather casually. They shouldn´t be used only for weddings, dudes.

 Cheap Monday Denim Shirt
Havana & Co. dress pants (part of a suit)
Zara V-Neck T-shirt
Swear London Suede Shoes
Persol Sunglasses
Tag Heuer Gold Carrera
Vintage Silver Bracelet
Pinscher Miniature that loves pictures named Brutus


  1. Lol your friends embarrass you by looking like teenagers? I think you just embarrassed them by exposing them all over the internet >.< hehe but it's true suits aren't just for weddings and you show you can be both classy and casual...though I doubt that 'Cheap Monday' denim shirt is that cheap haha :P Great look though. Hope you're having a lovely day /x

    1. I embarass them publicly. Over the internet shouldn´t bother them haha. It was very affordable, I can assure you. It sure beat the hell out of buying a Dsquared shirt ;)
      Hope that you´re having a great day too, lovely.