Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mood: Crazy about Givenchy.

Fall 2012 just can´t come soon enough. If there was one fashion show that make me drool over almost every single attire was Givenchy (ok, the skirts were not really my thing but Kanye can rock them, I´m sure). 
It was just flawless. Riccardo Tisci really is a genius and he should be my friend! Just sayin´...

It´s all about red, black and white and being monochromatic. The shoes are also quite loveable and I´m starting to think that I should just get another job, otherwise I´ll probably bankrupt...

By the way, why can Carine and Kanye get Givenchy before me? Not cool. I won´t stay mad if someone gets me the black peacoat.


  1. I love Givenchy! It's so different from other fashion houses!

    Jan Marcel Blog

  2. I agree. Riccardo is making a great job with Givenchy.

  3. It looks like someone has been in my blog drafts lol... Love this post! I've got a similar one coming this week. ;)

  4. We have similar taste, my friend. It can happen ;). Hopefully, we´ll have some articles of this collection in our closet too haha. Have a great day.