Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Met Costume Gala 2012: Best Dressed

I think that this year the gentlemen killed it. The lovely ladies... not so much. The Givenchy gown that Beyonce wore will hunt me for a few days.
Now of to my list. 

Colin Firth in Prada (best look)
Hugh Dancy in Prada (best couple)
Aziz Ansari (best date)
Darren Criss in Calvin Klein Collection
Will Arnett in Calvin Klein
Prabal Gurung 
Kanye West in Givenchy
Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford
Riccardo Tisci in Givenchy (duh) and the dude behind him 
Gilles Mendel looking fantastic
Adrien Brody in Prada
Daniel Radcliffe wearing a tuxedo by Antonio Azzuolo

Note: Tom Brady was great from the waist up. The pants got him out of the list. Everyone with untailored pants is also out (sorry Matt Bomer, Chace Crawford, ...).  
I almost forgot. Quoting Marc Jacobs, "I just didn´t want to wear a tuxedo and be boring.". I´ll let you decide what to think about this. 

Marc Jacobs wearing Commes des Garçons 


  1. I approve of your choices, and it kills me to say this but Kanye looks so dapper. As for Marc, well, he's just being such an attention seeker. He could have at least wore black shorts/underwear! haha.

    1. Kanye can dress up and you know it, D. Riccardo is still my favourite.
      About Marc. We really think alike. That´s the first think that came to my mind when I saw that picture haha.