Monday, April 16, 2012

What You Can Learn from a Hollywood Stylist?

Nothing really...
Have you been reading GQ online these days? Me neither. And when I check it out, I either cringe, face palm or laugh. I checked it today tho´. They have an awesome post about What You can Learn from a Hollywood stylist. The answer is nothing, really. She/he just mentioned what every single guy with internet connection already knows.

Let´s recap
Don´t wear a suit and shirt that doesn´t fit. 
Never wear square-toe shoes
No belts with suits.
Wow. Thank God for that stylist. Now I can dress myself.

Things that made me facepalm
1 - T-shirts sould be white or grey. 
Just asking and please don´t get mad, GQ editors, but what´s wrong with black, blue, green, ... ?

2 - Crewneck instead of a v-neck. 
I think he looks great in a v-neck... But that´s just me. What do I know right? I don´t work for GQ...

3 - NEVER wear graphic t-shirts or pleated chinos.
Really? Really?

4 - Tortoise frames for sunglasses.
Should I just burn all my Ray-ban frames? Just asking... What about my black persol sunglasses? Burn them too, I guess...

5 - Never more than 2 buttons unbuttoned unless you are a rock star.
Ohhhh, how slutty of me. I usually have 3 buttons unbuttoned.

Note: This was made for the hilarity. I actually like GQ. (Sometimes)

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