Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Must have.

Oh, so you don´t have some velvet slippers for this season? What are you wanting for to buy some? 
Everyone is rocking them, from Kanye West to Joshua Kissi, Travis Gumbs or Scott Disick, just to name a few. Mr. Ford has actually been the pioneer, sporting them on his SS 2009 collection.
I actually just bought my first pair from Scalpers Black Label and I don´t intend to stop soon. 

Everyone´s doing it!

My favourites are the Louboutin Rollerboy in Brown velvet, the Giacomorelli Leopard Studded, the Stubbs & Wootton college Velvet slippers and pretty much all the collection from Scalpers Black Label. And Del Toro. Can´t forget that.

Note: You can wear them with socks. Some do it. I prefer the sockless look tho´.


  1. sockless scalpers paired with ankle length pants is the best

  2. os Louboutin Rollerboy e os Giacomorelli Leopard Studded em castanho são perfeitos!

  3. would love to know where u got the blue velvet slippers from :)

    1. From google! Just kidding. They´re from the italian brand, giacomorelli.