Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you a gentleman? Don't worry. I´ll make you one.

I usually see my friends making fools out of themselves because they simple don´t know how to behave like a gentleman. Taking pity on them and on others such as, I decided to create a simple list that could help. 
Let´s begin, shall we?

1. Be polite, kind and courteous. Yes, even if you´re having a bad day.
2. Always be well dressed and well groomed. And please, know the occasion. There´s nothing more sad than seeing someone in jeans at a wedding or wearing a suit at a night out. Sorry Disick, but it had to be said.
3. Her best friend is hot? Your girlfriend is hotter!
4.  Have manners. It´s polite to open doors and give your seat.  
5. Don’t text at dinner. You also should let her order first and don´t forget to tip your waiter. If the waiter doesn´t pull her chair, you should do it. You are also the last one to sit. 
6. Don’t blow her off for video games. Even if your best friend´s having a tournament at his house.
7. She wants to watch a romantic comedy again and you hate them? Tough luck. She hates your soccer games too. Go make the popcorn and prepare to cuddle. 
8. Compliment her. Have you compliment your mother today? Then do it, too.
9. Ask her about family and friends. If I need to explain the reason behind it, maybe you´re a lost case.
10. Plan something. Even just a dinner and a movie. 
11. Messed up? It happens. Apologies are always better with roses and chocolate. A diamond ring could also work.
12. Hold hands. Kiss her on the cheek. A little PDA is cool and reminds her how much you care. Leave the make out to the bedroom, tho´.
13. Don’t say things you don’t mean. If you promise something, remember that it´s your word at stake. 
14. Do NOT curse. It´s rude and it makes you look like a neanderthal. If you´re not very articulate, read more. And no, comic books are not real books. Poetry is also good. It might end up helping you. Also important, don´t raise your voice. Be gentle even when your talking.
15. Do not stare. It´s not very polite and you might end up looking like a serial killer or something.
16. Let her talk and listen to her. Zoning out is not cool. Be sure to not interrupt. Let her finish and then give you input. 
17. When walking down the street make sure that you are on the side of the road, so that you´ll protect her from traffic. You should also always walk her to the door when you take her home or, at least, wait until she enters her house before you leave. That way you´ll make sure that she´s safe.
18. Always carry her shopping bags.
19. It´s her birthday? Buy some flowers to her mother and thank her. It´s because of her that you´re so happy.
20. No fights. Be the bigger man. If someone is being assaulted, then that´s ok.

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